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An Easy, Balanced Meal Your Whole Family Will Love

As much as I love to cook, even I have nights that I am too tired or busy to make something
from scratch.That’s why I like to have go-to convenience dishes that I can feel good about
serving for dinner. But convenience doesn’t mean junk—I always look for a simple ingredient
list when shopping for these weeknight time-saving dishes. For me, a simple ingredient list 
means a product that is free of preservatives and artificial colors and flavors whenever 
possible. It also means simple, healthy ingredients like the ones I use to cook at home. 
One tip to remember when reading the ingredient list: Ingredients are listed in the order of the
amount that they occur in the product. So the first ingredient listed is what the product
contains the most of, so I like to see lean protein, grains, or produce as the first 
few ingredients.That’s why I love Stouffer’s classic meat and sauce lasagna and
always keep one in my freezer. 
I’ve always liked Stouffer’s lasagna as I grew up eating them with my family, but now I love
them even more thanks to Stouffer’s meals’ new “Kitchen Cupboard” commitment.
So I teamed up with them to create the above video all about it. 
This new initiative – starting with the classic Meat and Sauce lasagna - will focus on
shortening and simplifying their recipes and only including ingredients
you might find in your own home,like tomatoes picked at the peak of ripeness,
freshly made pasta, and real mozzarella.
Over the next few years you will see Kitchen Cupboard principles applied to existing and
new products. Stouffer’s products – both new and many of those you’ve known
for years – will be held to these Kitchen Cupboard Principles:

• Stouffer’s will use ingredients that consumers trust and recognize from use in
 their own homekitchens, with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

• Plus, they’re working on simplified recipes that result in great taste with fewer ingredients.

• And last but not least, their recipes will provide consumers with the same or better dining
experience, at a good value.

So I feel good about continuing to enjoy Stouffer’s lasagna with my family, just as I did
growing up. In fact, Stouffer’s has a rich family history. The Stouffer’s brand started in
a small family-ownedCleveland restaurant, which later became a chain of restaurants
due to the first location’s enormous success. As customers fell in love with these meals,
they began asking for take-away versions of their favorites, so the Stouffers family
began freezing and selling their popular items. 
For more than 90 years Stouffer’s has served meals made with high-quality ingredients
and the same love the Stouffer family put into every recipe at the family restaurants
decades ago.
Round out your families’ Stouffer’s lasagna night by serving a simple, fresh salad
on the side and some fresh fruit for dessert as I have done in the video. 
It’s that easy for your family to gather around for a balanced and tasty meal,
even on the busiest days.